Fuller brows can change your face!

It is amazing how brows can just frame your face, make you look more youthful and just overall change the way you look.  This fun little article showcases 13 celebrities and how a fuller thicker brow can alter the way they look, and making them even more beautiful.

Thin, skinny brows are out, thick and full brows are in! Unfortunately for some of us, growing up in the 90’s we followed the skinny brow trend and now our brow hairs just aren’t growing back. Luckily we can now have our brows microbladed to get the full lush brow look! 

Take a look at the celebrities and what a difference a small thing like full brows change the way they look.


Eyebrow tattoo cover ups

Here we have one of our mature BrowStyling client who previously had a traditional eyebrow tattoo done.  As with many people’s tattooed brows, it has faded to an undesirable grayish blue where it was originally black.  We wanted to help cover the faded areas as well as to add more volume to her barely there brow.As you can see, we were able to hide the under color completely and slightly corrected her shape. It definitely gives her more youthful brows! To ensure that her newly microbladed brows don’t fade out to the grayish color, we combined the cool pigment (black) with a a hint of warm pigment (coral and dark brown) so that when it fades, it should fade out naturally.

Microblading, an introduction article

This is a great article by Style.Mic, introducing what microblading is, how it ca benefit and we totally agree with doing your research when looking for a microblading artist. Do your homework before you get your eyebrows done! Just like tattoo artists, microblading artists/technicians each have their own styles and you also want them to be trained properly and certified. Don’t make your decisions just based on price and convenience, it is your face after all!


Down time after microblading? How microblading heals.

For those who wonder if you need to take time off work after microblading or worry that you need to hide away your freshly done brows, here are a couple of pics of clients for you to check out. This is how microblading heals. Freshly microbladed brows always look great, but if the work is done right, the brows still look amazing as it heals.  Here we have a picture of a client’s brows the very next day.  You’ll see that it is darker, and the microbladed ‘hairs’ are a bit thicker as you can tell it’s starting to heal and those areas are starting to scab over.  She followed our post care instructions perfectly so you can see it’ll be a very smooth heal with no crusty scabs! She was attending a party when this picture was taken and no one could even tell she had anything done to her brows. That’s a microblading job well done when people can’t tell the tattooing from your own natural eyebrows! In the next few days, the brow will continue to scab, and certain areas the true color will start to show through.

In this picture, our client sent us this picture 3 days after her brows had been microbladed.  You’ll notice the front part of her brow has started to heal nicely and has no scabbing.  The true color is really starting to show through.  The rest of her brows are still a bit darker than normal, and she’ll have a smooth heal as she is keeping the brows lightly moisturized with the healing balm.

As you can see, there really is no need to have any down time! We will update soon with new pictures so you can see the whole healing process, and of course, the final results!

The perfect brow color for a redhead….

So often we hear from redheads that they have a difficult time trying to find that prefect brow makeup color. It’s either too brown, not red enough, too red, too blond or too harsh on your fair skin. Microblading will fix this! You gorgeous gingers should seriously consider getting your brows microbladed! Take a look at our client Amanda’s brows.  She has deep red tones in her hair with a hint of brown. Her skin tone is pale where you see the blueish undertone yet at the same time because of her freckles, there’s also a hint of yellow mixed in.  She wanted her thin brows thickened and to be just slightly lighter than her hair color, a warm brown while maintaining a hint of red that won’t be orange. We custom mixed a color that has all the requirements she asked for.  We were so excited to start on her brows that we forgot to take a before picture, but thankfully she had sent one to us previously! So please excuse the different lighting.

How natural does that color look?! She loved the results and so do we.  She was thrilled that she no longer has to mix a few different makeup colors to fill her brows every morning!

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