The perfect brow color for a redhead….

So often we hear from redheads that they have a difficult time trying to find that prefect brow makeup color. It’s either too brown, not red enough, too red, too blond or too harsh on your fair skin. Microblading will fix this! You gorgeous gingers should seriously consider getting your brows microbladed! Take a look at our client Amanda’s brows.  She has deep red tones in her hair with a hint of brown. Her skin tone is pale where you see the blueish undertone yet at the same time because of her freckles, there’s also a hint of yellow mixed in.  She wanted her thin brows thickened and to be just slightly lighter than her hair color, a warm brown while maintaining a hint of red that won’t be orange. We custom mixed a color that has all the requirements she asked for.  We were so excited to start on her brows that we forgot to take a before picture, but thankfully she had sent one to us previously! So please excuse the different lighting.

How natural does that color look?! She loved the results and so do we.  She was thrilled that she no longer has to mix a few different makeup colors to fill her brows every morning!

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