Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Keratin Lash Lift and Tint?

Keratin Lash Lifts is a lash perm that will enhance, define and curl your natural lashes. We utilize a specially formulated keratin-infused solution to gently lift and curl each lash from the root to tip, resulting in a beautifully lifted appearance that lasts between 6-8 weeks.  

A Lash Tint involves applying a semi-permanent dye to your lashes, enhancing their color and definition. When combined with a Keratin Lash Lift, it elevates the overall effect by adding depth and richness, resulting in a beautifully curled and tinted lash that requires minimal maintenance. Say goodbye to the daily mascara routine and wake up to perfectly lifted, luscious lashes that make a statement without any effort!

What is a Brow lamination and Tint?

Brow lamination is a process that restructures and sets your eyebrows into a uniform shape, think of it as a perm for your brows. It's a transformative treatment that can correct eyebrow shapes, lifts brow hairs, and significantly reduces your daily brow maintenance routine. This technique enhances your natural brow hairs, filling gaps, adding definition, and creating the illusion of more hair for sparse brows. Enjoy the appearance of full and fluffy brows that stay lifted all day, eliminating the need for brow gel. The longevity of the results varies, lasting from 6 to 8 weeks based on your brow type.

Elevate your Brow Lamination experience by adding a tint for an extra touch of definition and depth. The tint complements the reshaped brows, intensifying the color and enhancing the overall fullness, ensuring a polished and long-lasting result that perfectly frames your face.

How long does it last?

Lash lift and brow lamination will last between 6-8 weeks, and tint will last between 5-7 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the lash and brow hairs.

What are the pre and post care procedures?

In order to achieve the best results, it is best to follow the pre and post care instructions. 

Prior to your procedure, clients are advised of the following:

  • Arrive makeup free.  
  • For contact lens wearers, please remove prior to lash lift and tint.
  • Avoid peels and scrubs for 48hrs prior to treatment.

After your procedure, clients should follow these instructions:

  • Avoid water for 24hrs to eye and/or brow areas treated.
  • Avoid wearing eye makeup for 24hrs after lash lift and/or tint.
  • Do not use waterproof mascara after lash lift and/or tint. 
  • Avoid oil based makeup remover.
  • Avoid swimming and saunas for 24-48 hrs after treatment.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face.
  • A conditioning lash and brow serum is highly recommended after treatment.

Who is not suitable for the procedure? 

Lash lift and tint is not suitable for the following candidates:

  • Has eye disease or abrasions.
  • Has allergies to perm solution.
  • Has eczema or skin irritation around the eyes.
  • Have had eye surgery within the last 4 weeks. 

Brow lamination and tint is not suitable for the following candidates:

  • Has any skin abrasions.
  • Has allergies to perm solution.
  • Has eczema or skin irritation around the brow area.
  • Have had eye surgery within the last 4 weeks. 
  • Have had any brow tattooing or microblading within the last 4 weeks.

* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who we deem not suitable for this procedure or for any other reason. Our brow technicians make the decision to microblade an individual based on their own discretion. *

What are your cancellation or missed appointment policies?

Clients are able to cancel or reschedule appointments at anytime with a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the appointment time, otherwise a fee will be charged. To book a reservation, you must provide a valid credit card that is in your name. No charges will be made at time of booking.  For a more detailed list of policies and associated fees, please click here. To cancel or reschedule, please email or call us.  Clients can also do so by selecting the 'View Appointment Details' button on their confirmation email to reschedule themselves online. Confirmation of cancellation will be done by email or phone. We reserve the right to refuse service to clients who have cancellations or rescheduling of appointments 3 times in a row. 

Still have more questions?

Should you still have more questions or inquiries, feel free to give us a shout at 647-729-7978 or email us at

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